Bursa Ticaret Borsası
Live Animal Marketplace And Meat Market

ET.BA Bursa Joint Venture– T.C. Bursa Commodity Exchange Bursa  Meat Kombinasi  ConstructionFacilities,animal park   modeled with the major revision carried out in 2004 – Market Place and Kombina service was provided. Bursa TB Livestock and Meat Exchange Animal Park- Market Place, which is located in an area of approximately 65.000 m2, and kombina field ET.BA, have sufficient indoor space, livestock and meat capacity.

Bursa Commodity Exchange Animal Park-Market Place is licensed as Animal Market/Livestock Exchange in accordance with the Communiqué No. 2000/34 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on "Licensing and Supervision Procedures and Principles of Animal Markets" and it is the one of the leading institution of Turkey.The Kombina , which started its operation on 25.10.2005, has a capacity of 300 cattle and 2000 small heads per day and serves with 25 Cold Storage units totaling 2,841.64 m2 and a capacity of 40,000 kg of shredded meat per day.

Kombina is registered with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

On 26.06.2012, it was the first Kombina to receive Halal Certificate in Bursa. (Document No:16-0001)In addition to slaughtering cattle and cattle from various regions from domestic regions, slaughter contracts are given in the combination, which are sufficient for the importation of live butchery cattle and cattle imported from abroad due to the size of their capacity, and hosting, slaughter and cold storage services are offered for imported meats.

During the operation of the Kombina, there is no harmful waste to the environment, liquid waste is destroyed in the S.S. Green Environmental Treatment Plant, which is a member, and solid waste is destroyed in the solid waste storage and disposal areas of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with special sealed containers.

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